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I was overwhelmed by the invention of diluting the very personal  experiences and narrative ,that found a way to be heard through the lips of people unknown to each other in order to prove that finally all people hide the same things inside their souls.. The difference indeed proved the similarity ! . And then the film binds again in reverse material from broken souls  while a dark scarf blinds the eyes  very much like the darkness surrounding people’s loneliness.. I was driven by these thoughts and the enormous sensitivity.
I was lost in the sublime artistic quality of the images by the  incredible balance and  exquisite harmony of colors I felt a kind of jealousy  observing the complex camera movements. Finally despite my efforts I could not keep a distance form the tempest of the lovemaking scene in the train and the tender love scenes in the landscapes of South Rodos.
I could not avoid the  melancholic feeling of  the  viewer of the incredibly beautiful naked bodies bound by love.

As I was watching the film my personal stories came to the surface, stories of loss I had long hidden in myself .I was diving into a beautiful oblivion full of  strong emotions  happy and devastating at the same time. There were times I felt like crying and others I felt like smiling.Thank you for this generous film.

As I woke up I sensed a strange fulfillment and as sleep disappeared gradually I could see clearly the journey you offered me so generously with the wings of the angel. I saw my ill sister standing on the surface of the sea and lifting her sick body with the help of these very wings She was a true angel I had forgotten how beautiful she was. Thank you.

Your film. A visual poem of life. The visuals and imagery are strong. The music is also good and is integrated well. The characters seem more like archetypes than individuals - most of the dialog is like poetic narration - with great pieces of wisdom and deep reflection. And the sensuality is beautifully depicted. Even though the theme throughout was loss, I didn't feel the emotion of loss. The poetic narrative voice imposes a distance from the actual feeling of loss, but offers a journey through the landscape of loss and transforms loss into a deeper wisdom.The film is inspiring to me

After the screening I was left speechless by the beauty and the style and the content of the film

The feeling the one gets out of Hold Me is enormously strong it looks very poetic and colourful

I hope the film gets what it deserves as it was made from the water of your hearts... The RAINBOW.

I watched Holdme  and it is again a film of extraordinary beauty, that lovemaking on the highway is a classic scene!

The music is very beautiful and the story is extremely moving.  I have been caught in a web of loss this past year and, thus, the story touches me all the more.

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